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    You work hard, you're tired and you just can't seem to get this content thing right. Good news. ​ You've come to the right place. ​ Book a call with me here Or enter the site to learn more Laura Mai Marketing - Content Marketing Expert - Psychology Blog, LauraGainor - Current Director Voice ESEA, East and South East Asian non-profit educational charity - featured on iTV 3 times for work on ESEA hate crimes -Public speaker and facilitator in-person and online (past experience includes: Youth Marketing Strategy Conference, People Like Us, Lloyds Banking Group, People in Law, Microsoft, and LFX) Passionate about DEI and human health.

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    Hey, good to see you. I'm Laura This is your About Page. It's a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do, and what your website has to offer. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitors. Reviews "Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you, or what it's like to use your products and services." Robert Rose, Product Designer Let's grab coffee This is your About page. This space is a great opportunity to give a full background on who you are, what you do and what your site has to offer. Your users are genuinely interested in learning more about you, so don’t be afraid to share personal anecdotes to create a more friendly quality. Every website has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. This space is a great opportunity to provide any personal details you want to share with your followers. Include interesting anecdotes and facts to keep readers engaged. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want site visitors to know. If you’re a business, talk about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd. Add a photo, gallery or video for even more engagement. About About About About Home About me My goals Blog New Page About Reviews Contact New Page New Page Generaal GETUIENISSE KONTAK Members Search Results Menus (New) Menu of services Speaking Engagements These dishes are great for sharing Green salad A garden-fresh salad with seasonal greens and roasted almonds £3,50 Dairy free Mild Bread & dips Sourdough bread accompanied by hummus, beetroot & whipped feta dips £4,50 Vegetarian Tuna sashimi Seared fresh tuna, fresh herbs, and a touch of chili £4,50 Consulting A diverse range of flavorful dishes which are all sourced daily and locally Hand-made ravioli Artisanal hand-made ravioli, filled with a blend of cheeses in a basil pesto sauce £6,50 Tofu skewers Grilled tofu skewers, marinated in a blend of soy and sesame with seasonal roast vegetables £7,50 Vegan Fish of the day Fresh catch of the day paired with asparagus & a cream of sweet potato £8,00 Fish Shellfish Peanut crusted steak Juicy, tender steak cooked to your liking, served with steamed vegetables £8,00 Peanuts Classic burger Our classic burger with lettuce, pickles, heirloom tomatoes, served with a side of fries £7,00 Schnitzel Crisp and golden on the outside, in a herb and parmesan crumb £4,00 Website creation Our desserts are made in house by our pastry chef Sticky date & ice cream Served with vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce & a peanut crumble £7,00 Vegetarian Classic cheesecake Topped with a layer of raspberry jam & sliced strawberries £6,50 Lemon meringue pie Zesty lemon meringue, a pistachio crumble, served with a chantilly cream £5,50 Tree nuts Chocolate mousse Our delicate, yet rich signature chocolate mousse dessert £8,00 Carrot cake Lightly spiced carrot cake layered with cream cheese frosting £5,50 Brownie Fresh out the oven brownie filled with dark chocolate chips & walnuts £5,00 Dairy free Events Healthy smoothie Nourish your body with our selection of healthy smoothies £3,00 Fresh juice A refreshing blend of freshly squeezed orange, watermelon, carrot, and ginger £2,00 Wine Choice of red, white, or rosé £2,00 Soft drink Soda, Sprite, Pepsi & Diet Coke £1,50 Coffee Locally roasted coffee, brewed in-house £2,50 Cocktails Aperol Spritz, Gin & Tonic, Mojito £1,50 Contact I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect. 123-456-7890

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    Resources Want a free social planning guide? Then fill out the form below to get the guide and subscribe to my emails. Email Click here to subscribe Thanks for subscribing! From Nine to Thrive - use women's hormones to work to your full potential Click here to read

  • Members 1 | Laura Mai Gainor

    Hey bestie, I went to an improv comedy class yesterday. It was loads of fun and our teacher revealed six lessons you can take away that I'll transfer to the world of work. Ben Van der Velde's six comedy tips ( ) The six tips 1. "Say yes and..." Saying "yes and..." means you've accepted their reality, no matter how ridiculous, and continues the flow of the scene. A great way to apply this to teams would be in brainstorming meetings. Instead of no but, see what happens if you don't reject any ideas and play back and forth. 2. Look for offers Ben says to look at what people wear and say to find an idea to play with and joke about. In a corporate setting, look at what people are wearing or saying to find ideas to connect with. Is your new client wearing vegan shoes? Is there someone at a networking event with a sports logo from a team you like? Use these offers to create an in-group bias and connect with people immediately. 3. Love bomb the audience Be kind and be everyone's biggest champion. Negging can be funny, but it doesn't work on a lot of people especially if they're tired, stressed or frustrated. So be everyone's champion! Tell your colleague what a great job they did on a proofread. Send an email to your client and add a sentence about how much you appreciate their communication style. 4. Embrace failure Ben says to keep trying different things. If one joke in a 5-minute stand-up set gets a laugh, he's happy. Keep this attitude in mind with brainstorming sessions and new meetings with new people. Daniel Kahneman's work on peak-end coding revealed people's perception of an experience is improved if there is a high 'peak' vs. a decent overall experience. 5. Make assumptions about people People love to be unique, let them know what you notice about them and be open to being wrong and ask questions. Ask someone if they're vegan and if they're wearing vegan shoes. Ask someone if they like being healthy if they like yoga if they seem like a calm person. You can learn a lot about people by picking up on offers and making assumptions 6. Remember status When doing crowd work, Ben makes assumptions about people that are either extremely high-status or extremely low-status (so it's clear it's a joke). For example, Ben asked me what my job was and I said I worked in Behavioural Science and was the trustee of a charity. He then replied I must be morally reprehensible and clearly at war with myself caught between corporate marketing and doing good. The whole class erupted in laughter. Use this when meeting someone for the first time to break the ice and start a conversation. To be on the safe side in a corporate setting, I'd keep it extremely positive by saying things like "You must be the next Einstein" or "Remember me when you win a Grammy".

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    Hello Hello Hello We're so excited to read your submission. Please remember you can only submit a blog for official review once. If you'd like feedback before submission you may select to hire one of our editors at the end of this form for comments and a readiness score based on our selection criteria. Our blog writing best practice tips: ​ Incorporate a personal story Keep paragraphs short Break up every 2-3 paragraphs with a subheading List tips or steps for readers Have a summary Submit an article idea First name Last name Email Title Copy and paste your article here I do not want email marketing (writing tips, marketing tips and competiton notifications) I'm a motivated writer interested in joining a writers WhatsApp chat WhatsApp number if above is answered yes I have followed the Linkedin Page Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Aboutmemobile | Laura Mai Gainor

    ​ How it all began - Being average, divorce and house fires I've always wanted to be something, I think it's only child syndrome. My parents always told me I was meant to succeed, and I guess I've always felt like falling anything short of that would disappoint them and myself. Tell me, do you ever feel like that? As much as I try not to let other people affect my self-worth, I think my parents being disappointed in me will always be something I avoid. Mostly because they'd be sad, and being sad and American is a dangerous combination- they would probably sue me for emotional distress and I can't afford that! ​Anyways, let's get to the story. I grew up in Amherst, New Hampshire which is a small town of ten thousand people on the East Coast of the United States. Whenever anyone in London asks me I just say I grew up in Boston, it's close enough. When I was younger and my parents were still together, life was good. I did dance, fencing and played the piano from the age of five. I also always loved learning. I went to day care and I remember reading books and wanting to get through the rainbow levels in math. I was too young to go into Kindergarden so I repeated it for a year. I think that was a good decision on my parent's part, I got smarter and by the time I got to first grade I was reading chapter books and throughout school I was always in the advanced classes. Being at the top part of my class gave me confidence growing up. Now that I'm older I wonder if it's the best idea to separate kids like that, it did a lot of good for my confidence, but I wonder if it did just as much damage to someone else's. There's a chapter in Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers that shows top athletes are generally born right after cut-off times, I bet you the same is said for top students. Oh god- now I'm sat here wondering if everything I've done in my life is purely because I was born in November. What do you think? Guess we'll never know for sure. Like I said, going through school I was always in the higher level classes, but I coasted a lot. I half-assed my homework and when something scared me I would self-sabotage it so I can say I failed because I didn't do that much. When I was younger I was afraid of true failure, which to me is trying your hardest for something you want and not getting it. It embarrassed me and it held me back. To be honest, in school even though I was smart I never achieved much. I was average. I got average ACT and SAT scores because I barely studied, I didn't get into St. Paul's (a private high school in New Hampshire) because I didn't do my application well, I didn't make the varsity field hockey until senior year (everyone makes the varsity field hockey team senior year) and overall I just didn't work hard enough towards things I really wanted at that age. I didn't have long-term goals or any goals at all really. ​ I was an emotional wreck in high school. Why? In summary, I had a house fire when I was sixteen, a problem with disordered eating and I also wasn't speaking to a close family member at the time (to protect their privacy I've left out who). I slept on an air mattress for a few months at my mom's boyfriend's house about an hour away from school. Everyday I felt it sink closer and closer to the ground. I still can't sleep on air mattresses to this day. These things weren't fun for me, but I lost the receipt and couldn't return them. I did things I'm not proud of during this time, and it took a long time for me to forgive myself for them, but I learned perspective for how people behave in difficult circumstances and from that I became a much less judgemental person. I may not have been able to return my circumstances, but I exchanged them for wisdom and resilience - and for that I am so grateful. ​ There were some things I did succeed at. I made some of the best friends I could ask for, I did well enough to get into the University of Surrey, and I took four AP classes and an honours course my senior year. I got B's in most of them but it was hard and I think it's the first time in school I actually challenged myself. I think I even got my first C in AP Bio, but I was going through a lot at the time and I'm proud of how I did. Part of that was because I had a great support system in my school, especially in my tennis coach, Rick Katzenberg, and my teachers (Sue, Anne, Ane, Terry, Gavin- I'm looking at you!!!). At the time I didn't realise how much I needed them, sure I was thankful, but it wasn't until much later that I became eternally grateful for having people outside my family and friends who cared about me during that time because they were able to balance a firm hand with a helping one. ​ I learned a lot about hard work and time management during the second half of high school, and a lot about myself, when I did the work to sort through the trauma. Like I said before, I am so grateful for that time because it prepared me for what was to come and I ended up where I was meant to be- at Surrey. ​ My second year at Surrey - the kick in the ass I needed ​"How did you end up at the University of Surrey" is probably one of the questions I'm asked the most. The answer is that my mom's long-term boyfriend at the time went there and senior year he showed me around. I liked it enough and it was half the tuition per year and I got to do a three year degree instead of a four year degree. I still remember my first day coming to the UK. I fell in front of a bus full of people getting to my dorm and I had a conversation with someone where they said "Wow! Your english is so good!" I'm glad my english was good enough for them, because unfortunately I don't have another language (besides horrible French) that I could've spoken to them in. While I was at Surrey, I studied business management. I kind of coasted again for the first year and a half, but I had a friend in second year who showed me what hard work looked like. I think it got to a point a few weeks before my finals in second year where I realised I wasn't going to get a first unless I studied crazy hard for two-weeks straight. I wasn't prepared. At all. I also wasn't paying my own tuition and the guilt I would feel if I did poorly ate at me, so I studied incredibly hard and finished the semester with a 69.5 which barely rounded up to a first. I hated the fact that I'd let that happen and I vowed to not let it happen again, so from then I got my shit together. I became a regular at the library. I changed my identity here. I stopped clubbing and started being more consistent at the gym. Second semester I got a first and I felt like I truly earned it. The next year I went on placement as a Marketing/ Accounting assistant at a small firm in East London. It was a 9-5:30 job through and through and I learned a lot about accounting, but I didn't know enough about marketing yet to make a real impact. It was a good experience though because afterwards I came out with a lot of knowledge on how businesses work from a numbers and admin point of view, and my boss Pantelis showed me how to manage demons (my Outlook inbox), which still serves me today. The pandemic - where I found my passion It was during my placement year the pandemic hit. I loved the pandemic in a weird way. I needed it to find myself. I started writing poetry, which has become one of my greatest passions in life, doing crafts and then I read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell during the Black Lives Matter movement and it changed my life. ​It sounds ignorant now to say I'd never thought about diversity and opportunity before, but I think the whole point of the Black Lives Matter movement was to raise awareness to the fact most people didn't. When I realised I felt the need to act, I didn't do everything perfectly, some patience and listening on my part would have been nice, but that came with time. What's important is that I acted. I wrote articles and read more books and reached out to everyone I could. I really started to care. I'd always cared about people I love, and myself but before this I didn't give time to a world that has given so much to me. I'm privileged, more than some, less than others, but I am. This time in my life made me want to use it for something more than serving myself. If I could boil what I think my purpose into a sentence, I think it would be- wait give me a second. I think it would be: To work and learn for myself and others with respect, trust and courage. ​Nothing revolutionary, but it fits. I'll let you know when I think of something better. I stole the last part from my high school slogan. What can I say? It stuck with me. ​My final semester at Surrey - starting an app that turned into a sexual harassment campaign ​I did well my first semester back, but I remember the first paper I sat at midterms in International Business Management I got a super low grade. I didn't understand and I cried. I was like, how did this happen? I'd prepared what I thought was what they wanted, but I immediately emailed my lecturer to figure out where I went wrong, and by the end of the term aced the final. This was the semester I also took my first Human Resources class, I did okay on the final paper. I didn't focus enough and probably could've done better but I enjoyed reading about the subject so much that I learned too much and ended up word vomiting for 2700 words straight, but by second semester I had it down and I found myself starting to take risks. I also spent all of this semester upskilling myself in Canva, Powerpoint and web site design. When I came back to Surrey mid-pandemic in my third year of study I spent the first semester relearning how to learn academically. ​I was taking an entrepreneurship class at the time, and I had an app idea called The Guard which was a response to the murder of Sarah Everard and movement towards safety for women that came with it. The original idea for the app was to have a fast SOS alarm and bracelets to alert bar staff to when someone felt in danger on a night out. There were a lot of logistical issues, and the app didn't work out, but I started an Instagram page and built a website before we had an app to crate a community to launch to, and what it turned into still amazes me to this day. I created a blog, podcast and posted every day on that Instagram three times a day. It was a labour of love. The community was supportive and loving and the Instagram page, which was full of content surrounding news on sexual harassment, mental health and feel good content, was making an impact, averaging 30k views a month when I was able to keep up with it. I learned so much in this time working with people from all walks of life, national charities behind the scenes and it felt good to be doing something good. I wish I still had time to do more of this today, I got into a PhD programme at Surrey around how we can use major events to empower people to act against sexual harassment, but I didn't get the salaried funding I was up for and couldn't afford to do it. That was tough for me, one day I hope to come back to making an impact in this space, it's always in my mind. My time at Blackbridge - How I started doing work with Amazon, Clifford Chance and Vodafone and became a trustee of Voice ESEA ​ There are so many people I met around this time who changed my life. In my third year of University was meeting my lovely mentor Richella Homer. In the middle of third year, I was having trouble getting a job and went on Surrey Connects to find out where I was going wrong. We were originally supposed to meet for three coffees, but now she's like my UK mom. She's given me so much support and love since we've met and she helped me get my first job at Blackbridge Communications, by putting out a post on Linkedin. I moved on from Blackbridge, but I've gotten to do some amazing work for clients like Amazon, Rolls-Royce and Lloyds Banking Group, and all before I turned 23. ​ I started as an intern, but after I made up my mind about not going for the PhD, was made a Business Analyst. I love the people I work with. They're kind, funny and challenged me. ​ They also put me on working with The Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, which was founded by Blackbridge and Laura Yaetes. This sparked my interest in sustainability. I felt valued there, they gave me real work, they treated me like I was worth being in the room. ​ The other woman I met was Yinsey Wang. She's another person who does so much for me, and for everyone around her. I'm going to add another few sentences because as amazing as she is, she's too humble. She even put herself at the bottom of the Voice ESEA, which is an organisation focused on reducing East and South East asian violence, website (She is the founder of the entire organisation...)! I've learned so much from Yinsey about being an advocate for the East and South East Asian communities. She's detail oriented, and always thinking about every perspective possible in a way that's not condescending- but encouraging. I reached out to Yinsey on Linkedin to get involved in Voice ESEA, since joining our team has created impactful Instagram posts, worked with the police on a ESEA violence heat map and recently we've worked with The University of Surrey with events courses with the outcome of two groups of students putting on amazing events full of learning and culture. ​ DesireCode - Where I am now How I got my job at yoga My friend Leila and I at one of the student events I met Denise a year ago tomorrow (I'm writing this 2nd October). We met in a yoga class where the instructor David told everyone to talk before the class. ​ After we got a coffee. Something between us clicked, we're very similar people in what we love and who we are. We kept on going to yoga and meeting up, when one day Denise told me she wanted to hire me for DesireCode. ​ It took a while as I finished things up at Blackbridge, but it made the day when the project we were waiting on was green-lit, that much better. ​ We got dinner at Sticks n' Sushi, I put in my notice and now I've started a new chapter in my life as a behavioural psychology consultant. ​ I can't wait to see where it takes me. ​Where I want to be - On a beach? Honestly? Not really for more than a few weeks a year. I think I was meant for a life around communities and people I love. ​ I think that's why my work is so good. I love it. I don't always like it, but I love it. ​ I'm really happy with my life and I have a lot of things I want to do, and every time I complete a goal I find another thing I want to improve on. You can read more about my long-term goals here. I have big goals, and I live every day like I could make them happen because I can.

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    Kom ons praat E-posadres: Telefoon: +44 7899 360107 Huidige tydsone: Greenwich-tussentyd Volg

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    What are my goals? When I am trying to figure out if I can trust someone, if I'm unsure, I ask them what they want. It shows intention and reveals a lot about character. I've put exactly what I currently want out of life below. My mind is always on these five things. Always. If I see an opportunity to get closer to one of my goals, I will try it as long as it doesn't conflict with my values. My values are respect, trust and courage. ​ I will always be upfront about my intentions, but I will not try and force anything or anyone. It's within my control to ask, but it's within your control to say yes. Although I have my goals 2,3,4 and 5, goal number one: to continuously make choices God is proud of, is the most important to me and always will be. That being said, if there are any ideas you have to help me achieve my goals, reach out. I'd love to hear from you. 01 To continuously make choices God is proud of. 02 To be able to retire by 35 (not to actually retire, just be able to financially). 03 To publish a poetry book. 04 To give a Ted Talk. 05 To give back to others what has been given to me.

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    Sign up for a call with Laura First Name Last Name Email I don't want email marketing Company Before we get on a call... tell me some things about you? Where are you currently struggling with your marketing? What are your marketing goals? Why do you want to work with me? What do you do and why do you do it? If applying for content plan: what are examples of social media you like? What's your website? Are you able to invest $700 on marketing coaching costs a month? Select a date an time you are available What time zone are you in? Submit Thanks for submitting! Look for an email in your inbox.

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    WAT DIE RESENSIES SAY "Ek dink jy sal so goed wees vir daardie liefie ... Ek is lief vir jou, ek is so trots op jou" - MY MA PANTELIS DIMITRIOU SENIOR REKENMEESTER EPEA Laura was wonderlik om mee saam te werk tydens haar stagejaar. Laura is baie georganiseerd, in staat om krities te dink en al die finansiesverwante take tydens streng spertye te prioritiseer. Daarbenewens het Laura ons gehelp om ons groep te bevorder deur die gebruik van sosiale media deur goeie idees te gee, vinnig sosiale media-bladsye te lewer en te verseker dat die proses doeltreffend is. Ek is vol vertroue dat Laura 'n aanwins is en in haar toekomstige pogings sal presteer. BEELDPATEL DIREKTEUR EPEA Laura is 'n hardwerkende, stiptelike en toegewyde persoon wat altyd op soek is na 'n geleentheid om die area van verbetering te ontwikkel. Laura het uitstekende inisiatiefvaardighede. Sy het die sake-ontwikkelingspan gehelp om verskillende inisiatiewe te karteer. MANDAR TAMHANE BEMARKINGSpesialis Ek het saam met Laura gewerk aan 'n projek wat ons vereis om data te ontleed en strategie vir 'n energieonderneming te gee. Gedurende daardie tyd het Laura haar organisasie- en aanbiedingsvaardighede die meeste beïndruk. Sy sal altyd aandag gee aan besonderhede en met kreatiewe oplossings vorendag kom om die probleem aan te pak. Sy was 'n wonderlike spanlid wat altyd daartoe bygedra het om die span se moreel hoog te hou.

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